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Top Tips to Sell Your Home This Spring

Spring is the time of year when people get serious about home buying. The end of the school year is in view, and the cold of winter weather is in the past. For home sellers, this eagerness is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, this enthusiasm means that the buyer pool is larger. On the other end, more sellers will want to take advantage of this increased interest, which means greater competition. Use these useful steps to make your home stand out this spring.

Improve Landscaping

Improve the landscaping around your property, as the spring buyer may not be as forgiving as in other seasons. For example, during the fall and winter, leaves scattered over the lawn is easy to overlook. During spring, a yard in poor condition will make your entire home look unkempt. Set aside time to clean up any leaves or other debris.

If you have dead spots in your grass, hire a landscaper to come and treat the grass. To match the overall feeling of warmth outside, you want your grass to look plush and healthy. You may also want to plant flowers or shrubs to add more character.

Price Competitively

With more sellers listing their properties during this time of the year, buyers have the opportunity to be more selective. For instance, a buyer may love the community your home is in, but if they can find other properties with similar features in a different location and at a lower cost, you may lose out on the deal.

Competitive pricing involves reviewing similarly sold properties, or comps, in your area. Browse records to see what homes similar to yours sold for over the last three months. For an accurate gauge, span out to a perimeter of around a quarter mile from your home.

If your home is not priced within a reasonable percentage of similarly designed homes, your home may not be priced to sell. Sellers should always work with a real estate agent to ensure their home is priced accurately.

Stage for Summer

You need to stage a home in a way that buyers can walk in and easily see themselves living in the space. For a spring sell, stage your home with summer in mind. For your outside areas, install a nice dining or conversation set on the patio and plush, relaxing chairs on the porch.

As buyers approach the home, they will be able to envision themselves relaxing outside after a hard day at work. On the inside of your home, keep everything as open and clutter-free as possible. Have the windows professionally cleaned so that the rays from the sun can travel freely inside your home and add warmth and vibrancy to the space.

Make Repairs

Buyers are more interested in properties that are move-in ready, not properties that require lengthy and costly repairs. Ensure buyers view your home more favorably by making any necessary repairs now.

The spring buyer is more selective and will quickly look elsewhere if there are problems with your home, due to an increased availability of properties. Even if buyers do decide to stick with your home, they likely won’t offer you full asking price.

Making repairs now can also facilitate a faster close because your home is less likely to be flagged during the home inspection process.

Selling a home during the spring takes a certain level of skill — a level of skill that a real estate professional can deliver. If you want your home to stand out from the competition so you can find a buyer, contact RE/MAX Space Center for the help you need.