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Why Use a Realtor?

Realtor is a member of the National Association of REALTORSand subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics.

  1.  A Realtor knows the process so they can guide you to successfully purchasing your home. There are numerous people, entities, forms and processes involved in a sale which culminate in a closing.
  2.  A Realtor is knowledgeable of the market and can advise you regarding area amenities, property values, and market trends. A Realtors”””” knowledge and skills will help you determine the value of properties and an appropriate price to offer on the home you desire.
  3. A Realtor can locate the best property for you based on your needs and wants. There are hidden jewels that a realtor knows how to locate that might be the home of your dreams.
  4. Realtors know how to resolve problems if problems arise. No purchase process is without problems. Your agent has experienced these problems in the past and knows how to resolve them when they arise.
  5. Realtors are professional negotiators who can remain objective and unemotional during the negotiation process. For the buyer not only is it probably their largest financial investment, it is their family home. It is hard for any buyer to remain unemotional during negotiations, so it is wise to have a third party representing the buyer’s best interest.

Deciding to sell or buy a home is a big step!

  • To make sure its a step in the right direction, choose the person best qualified to handle your real estate needs: a RE/MAX Sales Associate.
  • Averaging three times the production and more advanced industry education than other agents, RE/MAX Associatesare truly “The Real Estate Leaders?” in quality customer service. Customer satisfaction is reflected in their high, industry-leading rate of repeat and referral business.
  • Affiliation with the global RE/MAX networkprovides Associates with multiple competitive advantages in serving your real estate needs. From national television advertising to personal advertising controlled by Associates, RE/MAX enjoys brand-name recognition worldwide.
  • Belonging to the real estate network with the most market presence and market share, RE/MAX Associateshave the most to offer you.

So, take a step in the right direction. Contact a RE/MAX Associate today