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While Your Home is on the Market…

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This is a transition period for your family. Your daily life will be somewhat interrupted while you market your home. Just remember the purpose of marketing your home is to attract the right buyer who is willing to purchase your home at the best price.

A few things to remember while your home is on the market:

  • When a potential buyer comes to your home, try to leave the house.
  • Keep your home ready to show at all times. Sometimes you will not have a long notice before a showing.
  • If the buyers or other agents try to talk to you or negotiate with you directly, defer them to your agent. Your agent is skilled in negotiating and represents your best interests.
  • Work closely with your agent during this time. Review the response from people who have visited your home. Decide if you need to make changes based on the comments received.
  • Review the market in your area from time to time. Look at what has sold, new on the market, and absorption rates ( the rate at which homes are selling for in your neighborhood to determine approximately how long it will take for your home to sell at the current rate ) to determine if you need to make further adjustments.
  • If you receive a very low offer, counter their offer. If you totally reject the offer, you will never know if they might respond favorably to your counter. Regardless of the offer, your agent has a legal obligation to present all offers to you unless you instruct your agent ( in writing ) not to present offers below a certain amount.
  • It is not a bad idea to preview competing homes in your neighborhood with your agent.