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Pros and Cons of Attending Your Home’s Open House

An open house event is a popular way for your real estate agent to show off your property to many potential home buyers in the same afternoon or evening. It casts a wider net and can attract buyers who may not otherwise take a chance on seeing your home. However, if you’re thinking about attending the open house with your real estate agent, consider these pros and cons.

Pro: You Can Bring a Personal Touch to the Showing

Potential buyers want to envision themselves in a home when they go to an open house. When they see the home seller at an open house, they may get the impression that you’re proud of the home. Also, it gives you a chance to highlight attractions of the home on a personal level.

You may serve fresh juice in a recently renovated kitchen and speak casually about what you love about it. Alternately, you may serve refreshments in a roomy dining room while discussing how it has empowered you to entertain at large dinner parties. You don’t want to be over-the-top in trying to sell the home, but genuinely sharing what you love about the house can be inspiring.

Pro: Your Presence Can Encourage Neighbors to Attend

If you decide to have an open house, the fact that a lot of your neighbors may attend can be jarring at first. After all, if the neighbors already live in the neighborhood, they’re probably not looking to buy additional property in the immediate area. However, having neighbors attend an open house can be valuable to you as a seller.

If you’ll be attending the open house, you may invite neighbors personally and express your interest in seeing them there. Neighbors may be likely to spread the word about your home to their friends. If those neighbors get an up close and personal look at your home and like what they see, they’ll feel more comfortable recommending it wholeheartedly to others.

Con: Buyers May Feel Uncomfortable Speaking in Front of Sellers

Prospective home buyers may want to openly express their opinion when assessing the house. With you as the seller lurking around, the potential buyers may be worried about hurting your feelings by critiquing the size of the home or badmouthing its other features.

When buyers openly express what they dislike about your home, the real estate agent may be able to successfully address those concerns. However, they may not feel free enough to do so if you are hanging around. If you need to be at the open house and don’t plan to leave, try to step aside and fade into the background, giving the buyer and real estate agent some privacy.

Con: Buyers May Ask Uncomfortable Questions

Some home buyers receive misguided advice when they’re trying to get the upper hand in an open house. They may ask the homeowner personal or uncomfortable questions. While a real estate agent is experienced in dealing with inappropriate questions, you may be caught off guard as a home seller.

At best, when potential home buyers ask you uncomfortable questions, it can create an awkward moment. At worst, you may feel obligated to provide answers you’ll later regret. If you must attend the open house, set clear boundaries in your mind. Also, practice giving general answers, or prepare to politely refuse to answer certain questions.

Finally, sometimes it’s a good idea to go to the open house or showing of your house despite the potential drawbacks. Talk to your real estate agent about whether it’s a good idea to attend the open house event in your unique situation. If you’re looking for a dedicated, experienced real estate agent to sell your home, contact the RE/MAX Space Center.